All Lawsuits commence with the Filing of Document referred to as a “Complaint” with the Clerk of Court. The Complaint contains allegations that legally show that you are entitled to relief from the wrongs that you have suffered from a third party. After filing, the Complaint is Served upon the Defendant and within 20 days after Service, the Defendant must either file a document referred to as an “Answer” which responds to the allegations in the Complaint or file a legally cognizable Defensive Motion called a Motion to Dismiss. This Motion is directed towards the improper pleading in the Complaint. Thereafter, a process referred to as Discovery is initiated. Discovery is the formal process of exchanging information between the parties to a lawsuit that concern the witnesses and evidence that the parties will present at Trial. After Discovery has concluded, your Case will usually head to Alternative Dispute Resolution or Mediation to see if a disinterested third person, the “Mediator” can resolve the suit. If the Mediator is unable to settle the case, your Lawsuit will be set for Trial