What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation is the process of resolving a legal dispute between two or more parties who seek redress in the form of money damages due to a wrong inflicted upon another person.. Civil Litigation also encompasses mechanisms to prevent an injury or wrong from continuing (Injunction) or in a contractual setting, to require a person to perform as previously agreed (Specific Performance).

What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial Litigation covers virtually every type of dispute that can arise in a business setting. Examples of the types of cases that would be considered “Commercial Litigation” would include Breach of Contract cases, Corporate, Partnership and Limited Liability Company (LLC) disputes, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practice Act claims, Actions involving Interference with a Business Opportunity as well as cases that concern the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The Litigation Defense Group and Attorney Puzio has successfully represented hundreds of Business Entities and individuals in ALL of the above listed areas. As a result, Mr. Puzio possesses a firm knowledge of the issues at hand and fully understands the principles and intricacies of the underlying dispute.