If you are placed in a situation where you are unable to pay the financial obligations imposed by the Mortgage on your home and the Lender institutes a Foreclosure proceeding, you may have defenses to that proceeding that will either prevent the Lender from Foreclosing or force the Lender to choose another option for repayment. Some of the more common defenses that are available is a Lack of Standing, The Statute of Limitations have lapsed or the Lender failed to properly accelerate the terms of the mortgage so that it can legally institute a foreclosure proceeding. Even if the defenses stated above are not applicable to your case, you can attempt a Mortgage Modification, enter into a Forbearance Agreement, Refinance the Loan or choose from other options available.

At The Litigation Defense Group, Robert Puzio has successfully defended hundreds of homeowners facing a foreclosure proceeding. He understands the applicable law and will use every defense necessary to enable you to stay in your home.