Real Estate or Real Property Law is that body of law that governs the Buying, Selling or Using land, buildings, homes or condominiums. When purchasing Real Property, a Deed is given by the Seller to the Buyer which evidences ownership. There are several types of deeds available. Warranty, Special Warranty, Trustee and Quit Claim deeds are the most common. The Warranty Deed offers the best protection to the Buyer. There are also different ways to hold title such as Tenants by the Entireties, Joint Tenants With The Right of Survivorship, Tenants in Common, or a Life Estate. Each tenancy has its own benefits.

At The Litigation Defense Group, Robert Puzio has an in-depth and broad knowledge of Real Property Law. Therefore, whether you are a Buyer, Seller or Landlord, Mr. Puzio will intently listen to your needs and direct you down the path that will lead to your desired objectives.